Sunday, February 25, 2007

First Sweater Ever!!!

Oh boy, I am SO excited. I've finished my first ever sweater! Woo hoo!! Does this make me an 'official' knitter now?? I'm so glad to move past the scarf and hat stage onto more challenging projects. The details....the pattern you can find here: the yarn you can find here: The pattern is from IK Fall 2006, the Sienna cardigan, I knitted it wiih Lana Grossa Soffice yarn. This yarn was really dreamy to knit with, I have no compliants and enjoyed watching the subtle colors changes. It is actually machine washable yarn, though of course I will wash it by hand.

I am so amazed by this sweater and it's completion, I feel like I should put it in a frame and never touch it again. Too funny. Of course I had to wear it today to the movies, it kept me nice and toasty. Hooray for me!! I would recommend this pattern to anyone wanting a little more than basic cardigan for work/play. The pottery buttons came from here: - 6 pottery buttons for only $6!! Really nice too, I highly recommend her. Have a nice night.


Joan said...

That's your first sweater? WOW, it's gorgeous. Great job. I'd be proud too.

Karen said...

Lovely -- congratulations. Looks like a very nice fit too.

Adele said...

The sweater is wonderful! However, I think you already qualified as a real knitter.