Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gillaspie Gothic Gauntlets Pattern

Thanks to my wonderful test knitters, I'm quite pleased to be able to offer this pattern for sale. As with any of my patterns, please contact me with any questions:

These gauntlets were inspired by my husband’s love of medieval armor, in particular, a design by James Gillaspie, in a style that was popular in the 15th century. Though real armor gauntlets were made of steel and worn with a leather glove underneath, I thought this knitted version might be more practical in today’s world.

This is an intermediate pattern, you will need to know the basics of knitting, there will be increasing, decreasing and picking up of sts. There are no cables in this pattern; the chain mail look on the bottom is achieved with slipped sts.

The gauntlets are knitted in the round, at a smaller gauge than suggested for a denser fabric. There is subtle shaping throughout the pattern for a fitted, detailed look.
Size is achieved by using a lighter yarn for the women’s version.
Men’s Gauntlet – 11” long (27.9 cm), 11” at base, 8 ½” at top
Women’s Gauntlet – 10 ½” long (26.7 cm),10” at base, 7 ¼” at top

Men’s version 1 ball (219 yds) Ella Rae Classic yarn – 100% worsted weight wool
Women’s version 3 balls (110 yds each) Louisa Harding Grace Silk & Wool yarn – dk weight 50% merino, 50% silk (you will need approx. 260 yds)

Upon receiving payment, you will be e-mailed a PDF copy of the 8 pages of detailed instructions for making your own gauntlets.

To purchase, please visit my website, Counting Sheep Studio.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bitten by the Bug

Alright. I'm not usually into fads and whatnot, BUT then I saw this sweater: February Lady Sweater. If you're a knitter and a lady, you've probably seen it already. Remember how I swore off wool for the summer?? (At least I THOUGHT I did.) All I could think about was this sweater, with it beautiful garter yoke and this squishy hand dyed merino I'd been saving for a special project. Add that to a major case of startitis lately, and here you go.
I'm loving it so far. Nothing like garter for some movie watching knitting. I'm doing four buttons and I'm just about to the armpits, ready to switch to the lace. Had to stop since I'm waiting for the rest of my yarn to show up. (Had more dyed for me since I didn't have enough!) Don't wanna wait!

So what's a girl to do?? Start another project! Nevermind all those hiding in the corner waiting to be finished. We'll just ignore those for now. This yarn may look familiar. It's Cotanani by Mirasol, originally intended for the Dayflower Camisole. Now it's hoping to become the Kaftan Dress, only I'm going to shorten it into a better tunic length.
Back to the camisole. I kept hearing Stephanie Pearl-McKee laughing at me in the background, and remembering one of her stories in Knitting Rules. You may remember it, I think the heading was "Denial Ain't Just a River in Egypt". Yes, I screwed up. Big time.

Got gauge for my swatch like a good girl. Cast on and started the Dayflower Lace at the bottom. It seemed all first. The longer I knit, I started thinking, 'hmmm, this DOES seem a bit BIG'. Ignore, keep going. Hours and days later. Think, 'this is too big'. Ignore, keep going. Finally, reason crept in and I thought, 'I really should just take this thing off the needles to see how big it is'. Yeah, it was pretty close (insert sarcastic remark here). Do you like how I'm wearing it like some sort of 'World's Worst Knitter' ribbon?? I know you're laughing. That's OK, I'm sure I will too....someday.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

It’s a BIRD…it’s a PLANE….it’s a…..BEAR?!?

Yes, a bear. I’ve been dreaming about this little girlie, I guess I just can’t go too long without a cute toy in the making. She’s one of Ysolda’s designs; she and her designs are just too cute. I kind of have a thing for bears. Over the years, I’ve collected quite a few, and in the recent years, they’ve pretty much all been packed away, since there’s no room for them in my shoebox house. Growing up, I always slept with one. I would alternate, so each would ‘get a turn’. Now, I find that I can’t go to sleep without having something in my arms. That something has turned into Pearl, a stuffed octopus, whom you may know from the movie “Finding Nemo”, one of my favorite Pixar movies.
Well, Pearl has gotten pretty ratty from 5+ years of nightly use, and this little bear may be the next runner up. Although I don’t think she’s quite big enough. We’ll see. At any rate, my PB is going to be adorable and I already love her! You may recognize the yarn, my leftovers from the Beryl sweater, Queensland Pima Fresca.

I’m trying to finish up my pattern for the Gothic Gauntlets; it’s very close to being ready for public consumption. This women’s version is being knitted in Louisa Harding Grace Silk & Wool, nice, nice yarn. I’m knitted it on US size 3’s to get a denser fabric.

I really like the way the silk shines and shows off those stitches. The color is gorgeous, a deep copper. I had envisioned these in a deep, shiny red, but once I saw this one, I knew it was right!

Of course they look much better on an actual hand…they just needed to step outside for a breath of fresh air. I expect next week I’ll be asking some kind souls to test-knit these for me.

Last night I went to an auction, here in Asheville. Tommy Tuten & Johnny Penland are some good ‘ol boys who run a great little show! I think some people just go to be entertained; they are quite the comedians, making fun of each other and at times, themselves. They had a ‘real’ Tiffany lamp, which I had never before seen in person. It was beautiful, and sold for over $8000, a deal I’m sure. I walked away with an old piece of Cole pottery, made here in NC, as well as an antique print of a girl with a harp by Richard Smythe. I think I made out pretty well.

Have any of you signed up for the Knitting Olympics?? I did over on Ravelry, I’ve got some REALLY lofty goals: Very Terhi, a pair of wristwarmers with a neat allover cable pattern, AND if that wasn’t enough, Seascape, a gorgeous sweater with dropped stitches and cables, which I don’t even have yarn for. I’m nuts, but that’s OK. As long as I finish my gauntlet pattern by then, which gives me nearly a month.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer! Me personally, I’m biding my time until the cooler weather comes back again.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Walk in the Woods Cabled Baby Blanket Pattern

Walk in the Woods Cabled Baby Blanket ~ A design by Elizabeth Helmich
This heirloom quality baby blanket was inspired by a desire to make a handsome cabled blanket that was a portable project, to work on anywhere! I choose to use cables that have a rather geometric effect, for a decidedly masculine look, though this could just as easily be a girls blanket as well.

This blanket is a great traveling project, since the sections are knit in strips. Use the colors shown, or switch it up for a baby girl or even a lap blanket.
FINISHED SIZE: About 36” square (91.4 cm), after blocking.
MATERIALS Yarn: Berocco Comfort, a wonderful worsted nylon/acrylic blend chosen for its great stitch definition and easy care for new parents. 2 balls each of Color A # 9703 (off-white), Color B #9747 Cadet (med. Blue), Color C #9744 (sage green), Color D #9762 Spruce (dk. Green), 1 ball of Color E #9741 (dk. Brown) – each ball is 210 yds. Needles: US size 8 (5.0 mm), adjust needle size if necessary to obtain gauge.
Notions: Cable needle, you may want to use stitch markers to distinguish between stitch patterns.

A full, detailed 10-page printable PDF of this pattern will be sent to you via e-mail shortly after your purchase is complete. Cable instructions are written, as well as in easy-to-read chart form, for whichever is your preference.
Click on this link to purchase, it will direct you to my website:

Saturday, July 05, 2008