Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Blog Anniversary, that is. Well, my goodness, how time flies. Today is my Blogiversary; I started doing this one year ago! Now, I am up to 3 readers! (I do need to get one of those nifty site counters one of these days.) It’s amazing to think back over the last year and all the things I have learned. I can say I’m much braver than I was and I don’t get as easily intimidated by patterns. (Wish I did, then I wouldn’t have so many things going on!) I’ve designed a couple of things and I’m really enjoying that process. Hats are easy, I feel confident making them now. Sydney’s little jumper dress was pretty easy too, thanks to the Stitchionary.

Right now I’m working on a mermaid. Sydney is in the princess phase (when does THAT go away??), and her favorite is the Little Mermaid, aka Ariel. I’m hoping this will be a pattern that I can sell. How to you know that it’s ‘good enough’ for sale?? There is still so much I don’t know, I’m afraid someone who’s more knowledgeable than myself will think “why did she do it like THAT?” when they see my pattern. Hopefully I’ll have some test knitters that can help me out.

What else am I doing? Well, let’s see. I have 4, yes 4 sweaters in progress. All for me. Boy am I getting selfish. The poor Wicked sweater has been in limbo for a while now, but it’s still there. The cool thing is that they are all constructed differently, there’s a top down (Wicked), the fitted sleeve colorwork cardi (Arietta), the origami wrapped odd construction (Jane), and lastly, the one I started yesterday with no good excuse, the semi-fitted (not a cap sleeve but not a drop shoulder) cardi with some great texture stitches (Deborah’s Biking Cardigan).

Part of the reason I’m doing so much knitting for me is that I’m getting more and more confident learning all these different techniques, and I like to practice on things that aren’t gifts. I’m already thinking back on some of the gifts I’ve made and cringe. Oh well.

I’m also going to be taking a spinning class for 4 weeks during the month of October, I’m so excited! It will be interesting to understand the whole process is yarn making.

Hope you are all knitting and making beautiful things, thanks for reading!!
Pics are as follows: some cute shots from the Western North Carolina State Fair last weekend (since when are there camels in a petting zoo?); the "Bainbridge Scarf", a cute free pattern; the mitered purse I finally got around to putting in a lining for made from Peace Fleece; lastly the aforementioned cardi 'I don't need to make'.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Feelin' Kinda Mellow

Happy Friday. It's a gorgeous day here in the mountains, there's a breeze, the windchimes are blowing out front and the kiddo is napping. Ahhhh. Went to the playground this morning, by the library, we checked out some books. Got this really good gem that I wasn't expecting to be anything great, it's called "Knitting Today's Classics" and it was put out in 1997 by Classic Elite yarns. There's some older (obviously) Norah Gaughan designs in here and a super cute cardi I like by Deborah Newton. I love the Library. My own problem is I usually want to keep all the books I take out and there's this sinking feeling when I have to drop them in that little box again.

I'm on a yarn diet. It stinks! We really need to buy another vehicle, which we may we doing next week. Also, a house would be nice someday =;) My wrist/hand have been bugging me, so yesterday I did something I used to love I've been weaving, weaving, weaving in ends, ends on the two finished sleeves of Arietta, which are still not done. I also finished the 50's Lacy Shrug I posted about ages ago. The knitting has been done, I just needed to weave and seam the 'sleeves'. Boy, do I like it!! It was perfect wearing it last night with the little chill in the air.

Tried calling Tangled Web up in Philly to get the rest of the yarn for Arietta (I think buying for an UFO doesn't count on the yarn diet). Oh no!, they don't have the brown. They are getting an order in soon, and may have some them.....I sure hope so. I've spent so much on this cardigan it's pretty silly. I already know I'm going to love it when it's done, I get happy every time I see it.

Looking forward to some hiking this weekend, I'm ready for fall!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

How 'bout a little Eye Candy??

New Knit Picks Harmony needles, DPN's size 4 came today. I just had to order some and try them out. I LOVE these needles! They have a nice grip, are smooth and lightweight, are a true joy to work with. They are my new favorite, and I don't even think I've really HAD a favorite up until now. Try them, you won't be disappointed!
It seems the colors are not as bright as on my monitor when I bought them, a good thing, I think. They are just absolutely beautiful, on top of their other good qualities. Ummm, can you tell I really like them??

They are pictured with Shine yarn, which is much brighter than the actual needles. Now, go get yourself some!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Now all I need is a Wedding....

So I can wear this beautiful shawl!! Will some get married please? And invite me? I bring great gifts! Seriously though, this baby hasn't had it's proper photo shoot with a model yet (that would be ME) since hubby works all kinds of crazy hours and I went to knit night at Purl's last night. (Will you look at that, I finally figured out how to make a 'small' link! Woo hoo.) Aside from the fact that Alison Hyde is a super nice person, her book (Wrapped in Comfort) is great for anyone who has wanted to knit shawls. I can attest that they do indeed stay on the shoulders extremely well (it's not going anywhere!) and are beautiful as well. Don't forgot to click on the pics for enlargement. I preferred the line by line instructions, but found myself looking at the chart when I got to the end of the row. The Silky Tweed was a pleasure to work with, just know that you have to be very mindful since it wants to split. It was amazing to see how pretty it is once blocked, my final measurement came out to 18" in height (the one in the book is 22", but I only did one repeat of the edging). Lovely, if I do say so myself. I think I'll do a scarf with this pattern, I enjoyed it so much.

The other pics are a couple of vintage pattern books I acquired from hubby's Grandma when her friend passed away. I'm debating on the little cardi in the middle on the Bernat book or the Pixie Hoodie on the Wonderland book for my Sydney, what do you think?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Temporary Distraction.....

In the form of a kid's two front teeth. Now granted, she' s only 3, therefore not due to get her permanent teeth until the age of 7 or age (warning, graphic pic ahead!). Then there was a little accident at her school last week and BOOM! my little sweety almost got them knocked out. She's such a little trooper and is doing really well a week later. Here they are after a visit to the dentist to push them back up and apply a little 'splint' on them:

After all the drama, of course I had to give her this little elephant that was supposed to be for Christmas.....oh well. She likes him for now.
In other knitterly news, I have finished "Kathy's Shawl" from Wrapped in Comfort!!! Well, it's nearly finished, it's blocking on my floor now. I couldn't resist taking a couple of pics, even though it's still super wet:
Still not sure if I will keep it. I'm seeing my very special Aunt Michele wearing this. Hmmm...... Well I do have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this shawl and will certainly make more from Alison's book. The shawl won't budge while wearing it, it's such a great design for staying on the shoulders. I'm just not completely sold that it's for me! But I do love that pink. I'll let you know what the finished size is after it's blocked. I ran out of yarn and just completed one repeat of the border. I think I'm more of a process knitter, because once it's done I have no trouble giving it up!! It that silly?? Well, if you have any fear of shawls, you need to try one of Alison's patterns, all but the very newest of knitters can complete these, with beautiful and amazing results. I'm looking forward to seeing the other shawls that people are making. Have a lovely night.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Now what??

Here's the story. It was Saturday morning, September 1st. I packed up the kiddo to go look at some yard sales, in hopes of finding treasures I could sell. Instead, I found what I hope is a treasure I can use!

The woman who owned this wheel knew nothing about it. She had only displayed it and had bought it from another woman in New York who also had it displayed. Does anyone out there know what kind of wheel this is? It's a total mystery to me. I just thought it was so beautiful, I couldn't pass it up. I got her down to $45, so I have no clue if this was a 'good buy'. I just want to make some yarn! It measures 44" high and the wheel itself is only 12" in diameter. The only other thing I can tell you is it spins!
Anyone know anything to help me?? Thanks so much!! (Click on pics to enlarge.)