Sunday, May 06, 2007

Progress on Summery Knits

Progress is good....especially considering I still haven't ripped back Wicked yet. I realized after about a million rounds of increases, that I was forgetting to to the 'plain' rows, now I have to frog! That's OK, that just means I get to enjoy the Kimono Angora yarn a little longer.
Here's some pics of my current progress: first we have the asymmetrical tank from Knitting Nature in Cotlin from Knit Picks. This is a shot of the cable panel for the front. Just one more panel to do then I can seam it up!
Next there is the modular wrap from Spring '06 Vogue Knitting. This was the little technique section done by Iris Schreiber. For Mother's Day, then I realized I was going to run out of yarn, so now it will be late. Blah.
Lastly is a shrug from this lovely handspun that just hasn't been happy with anything I've tried to make with it. I think this design will work, a cute little shrug pattern from the 50's, with a crazy drop stitch design. When it's all blocked and done, I think it will be smashing!! (Is that a 50's word??)

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Tante J said...

Ooh, I'm digging on the drop stitch pattern. What is it?