Sunday, March 16, 2008

Creating for what is To Be.....

A Lace Blanket for a sweet baby girl to be named Lelia, eta April 20th, 2008.

Yarn: Berocco Comfort, in colors #9712 (Buttercup), #9736 (Primary Blue, though my colorway wasn’t as bright) and I’m not certain of the third colorway, an off-white.

Needles: Size US 8 used throughout

Finished Dimensions: 42” X 38” after blocking, since I like big blankies!

This is a blanket I have designed myself, playing around with my wonderful stitch dictionaries. It was originally drawn out to be much different, but as many of you know, patterns don’t always work out the way we imagine they will. (Or at least not at this point in my designing….) What came to be is very serendipitous, and I’m quite happy with the results. If you’re interested, I may write up the pattern….let me know.
Now, the parents went the non-traditional route of a color palette for this baby girl, since they already have a blue room, they decided to keep it and add yellow. Hence the color scheme is not what I myself would have picked, noting my penchant for pink. (Pink, who me??) I think they will be pleased.
It took some amount of figuring to get all these patterns to play nicely together. I primarily used patterns with all purling on the WS rows, though some have patterning on both sides. I think the most difficult one was the tulips, since it was a 36 row repeat. I used the Lilly of the Valley pattern for the top left corner, since that is the mother to be’s name.

I’ll also throw in a quick shot of the last minute hat & baby booties, found here, I love these! (Since the blanket wasn't finished in time.) They remind me of little fortune cookies the way they are folded up. Umm, I ran out of yarn for the blanket. (Hey, I thought 1000 yards would be enough!) Yes, this is me, being driven to the shower and seaming up the second bootie literally until we pulled into the parking lot. Why do we knitters drive ourselves crazy?? Why, of why can’t we just go to Target and get SOMETHING ELSE until we finish the ________. (Insert item you’re driving yourself crazy trying to finish here. Feel free to add any explicative you see fit as well.)

What else is going on? Uhhh…..a lot. I felt like this blanket deserved its own post, I have plenty more to show you soon. Sydney’s birthday is this week, she’ll be 4. FOUR. Holy moly, how on earth did THAT happen? Time goes on…..

‘til next time, knit on.

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Alison said...

She will be swaddled in love for all the world to see.