Thursday, September 28, 2006

What a Lucky Girl I am!!

Looky looky what my Secret Pal from the One Skein SP swap made for me!! I know you can't see me jumping for joy! It is so pretty with the little flowers on the sage green background. I've never had a clutch before, now I get to look all coy and cute going out on dates with my hubby.

On another knitterly note, I am going to start the Step socks from Austermann(also a gift from my wonderful SP, thanks Dawn!!). This yarn is really interesting, it has aloe vera and jojoba extracts built right into the yarn! I guess this will spoil me forever now, considering this will be my first pair of socks!

I also finished the hat I'm adding to the end of this post. It's hard to make out, but I knit it in a sort of seed stitch/stripey pattern. It's a handspun I scored from Etsy. (LOVE Etsy!) Not sure what to make with the rest of the yarn. Maybe a little neckwarmer of some sort. Or maybe a small matching purse. Any comments?

Knit and be well.

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