Friday, October 20, 2006

Dancing in the Leaves

That's what I'll be doing soon. Boy is fall coming quick! It's been strange though, these few spring like days we've been having. I'm looking forward to my trip up north at the end of the month. Today is my 4 year wedding anniversary! Wow, that went by sooo fast. Looks like this is the year of the knitted hat & scarf set for hubby. I'm ordering some Elegance from Knit Picks to do the job. Of course it has to be in Slate (gray). But that IS a compromise, if it were up to him, it would be black.

So here's some pics of my wristwarmers I finished last weekend. I'm sooo pleased with the way they turned out. The yarn is from "Twisted's" Etsy shop and was actually free (I was her 100th customer!). So this little splurge on myself was earned for all my yarn shopping. The pattern is from the new "The Knitter's Bible, Knitted Accessories." My first cables! They were easy!! They really do warm you up too, I love them I can wear them at my office job and still type.

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