Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Rant

O.K., so in an effort to have more 'beefy' content here, I'll tell you a little bit about my trip up to Philly. So I thought I would gets lots of knitting done on the 10 1/2+ hr. car ride with my brother. That would be possible if you didn't have a mini-tyrant (AKA 2 year old) sitting right next to you. And that idea to my the one-man band set for the ride was a great one! (I can still here the triangle clanging.)

It was a very short 4 days where we tried to do and see as much as possible. Of course a lot of people wanted to see us that didn't get a chance. I just wish I'd had another week or two, then I could really have time to just relax. But it's always good to go 'home', even for just a few days.

On a positive note, I actually looked forward to going back to work, oddly enough, I guess I really do like my job! It also helped throwing myself back in to not be sad about leaving family =:( Mom and I did see a really cool knitting shop in Bucks County called "Knitting to Know Ewe", which has some of the most helpful and friendly staff EVER. I got some Suss & Rowan yarn to make Sydney's monkey.

Here are some pics of the headband I knitted last weekend as a gift for my *very sweet* co-worker friend Lili. I used a Tussah silk handspun from *Castleman* at Etsy, and the pattern is in the latest IK, the cable & bobble headband. Have a great day!

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wow...taht turned out so pretty. --rita n/