Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas Knitting

I'm in the throws of it now! I am horrible about knowing how long things are going to take. So when I decided what I'm going to make the fam for Christmas, clearly I wasn't being rational. (I won't post the list here, just in case anyone's reading!!) Just trust me when I say it's a lot. Well, I guess I must really LOVE these lucky people =;)

My daughter, Sydney, is totally obsessed with Christmas this year. She wakes up asking to see Santa. Every house we pass that has lights she says, "Look Mommy, Christmas!! I want to go in there!" Like she thinks there's some awesome party going on in every decorated house. It's too cute. Of course when she has her big moment with Santa last week, she wouldn't even go up to him. (I had to carry her.) When she got put on his lap, all she could muster was "I want toys" really soft. Too funny. No smiles out of her, but hey, at least she didn't cry.

Alright, I'm off to go fight with the coffee maker. More FO pics coming soon, here's a little hat I whipped up over Thanksgiving weekend that looks 1000x better in person.

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