Thursday, July 05, 2007

In which she spends the day wasting time......

Alright, I’ll admit it….the housework isn’t really getting done today =;) Today is official “goof off on the internet day”. At least for a good afternoon, c’mon, you deserve it!

Anyway, if you can’t do that and are all being good and doing what you’re supposed to, I’ll share some things I’ve discovered today.

First of all, - is a new site you can sign up for that has a hilarious moderator named Sandi Wiseheart. She’s going to soon post a tutorial about bust darts, specifically for the pattern from “No Sheep for You”, called Tomato (free download when you sign up.) They have new free patterns every week.

Blogs. My goodness, there are so many great ones! This post over at had me cracking up today as she states her evil arch nemesis is the ice cream man. Boy, do I miss having one of those! (Not too many coming down my gravel dead end road.)

Interweave is having a sale on their back issues, buy 4 get a 5th free. This includes all their different publications. I also discovered some free patterns when you click here - and check out the table of contents.

If you have a little boy you have to knit this sweater: - they have a monthly pattern contest and this is last month’s winner! How often do you see a sweater with frogs, FLYS & WORMS on it!!

MagKnits – not quite as big and popular as Knitty, but they do have some great patterns over there! Check out this new one: - a really cute, lacy shrug.

On a more serious note: Annie Modesitt – who I’m sure the vast majority of you know of, since her patterns are seemingly everywhere – is selling a pattern and asking for donations for her husband, who has Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer. It’s a lovely corset to gown pattern, and Annie seems to just be one of the sweetest people in the knitting community. Here’s the link:

I’ve started the second sleeve of Arietta, imagining by some miracle that I could actually finish this in time to submit a photo to the Knitty calendar contest: . Surely, you jest! Well, a girl can dream!! My online search for others making Arietta didn’t prove very successful. I’m curious to see some other color combos.

Yet another knitting thing to get addicted to…..podcasts. I realized that you don’t even need one of those little ipods, I can listen with my old fashioned Windows Media Player just fine. Here’s one I found that I really thought was informative AND funny:

So what do you think of my Double Scoop sweater?? Sydney looks pretty happy in it. She loved her 'photo shoot'. It's a great sweater for summer/fall since we still get some of those chilly moutain evenings here in Asheville NC.

I’ll leave you with a link to some really dreamy yarn. Someday….someday…..

Have a great weekend.


Joan said...

The sweater is beautiful as is the model. And all the good links, most of which I know, are very helpful.

Alison said...

She's absolutely adorable! And thank you for the link (while I try to resist those silks...)

Alison said...

The Sundara yarn, that is.

Sonya said...

Love the sweater. She is as cute as can be!

I am! said...

Adorable sweater, and I'm doing the online-time-eating thing today myself. I've been addicted to Cast-On with Brenda Dayne for a few weeks now and once I get that one caught up I'll have to check out Stash and Burn!