Thursday, July 26, 2007

Life of a Knitter

Hey there! It's Thursday, which means I'm at home with the kiddo. Still plugging away on the shawl from Wrapped in Comfort, it's looking very pretty. I'm thinking about my poor Monkey socks (Cookie A. pattern). I really need to finish those so I can see if all the hype about hand knitted socks is really true. There are just a TON of great sock patterns out there, I must be missing something big.

I'm wanting to do one of the sweaters from the new Knitscene magazine . I really like the Cactus Blossom Pullover by Kate Jackson and the Road to Golden Pullover by Lisa Shroyer. David of course doesn't like either of them since they have colors in them. (He's a dark, solid color type of guy.) Well, phooey on him. Am I really ready for Fair Isle?? I don't know. If I had any type of willpower I would finish poor Arietta first. We'll see. Plus I need a substitute yarn if I do Road to Golden, since the yarn used would be over $120, and I can't really justify that right now.
I have this huge, beautiful Rose of Sharon bush in my backyard. It's blooming now, and that means I've been back in NC for almost 2 years. It's blooming earlier now, since it was in bloom when we moved here on August 19th of 2005. Boy, was it hot that day, I think it was over 90, which is high for these mountains. Wherever our first home is, I want to plant on of these bushes. It's amazing how the birds/bees/butterflies all love it.

On another note, I finally got to teach David how to knit....look at him!! Isn't it great?? I figured I had to take a pic in case it was a one time only event. So I taught him, he picked it up right away, his stitches were so even and nice it really looked like he was a seasoned knitter! I'm sure my first attempts did not look that good. The best part was that he took a break to take a shower, then when he came out, he picked it up again! We'll see if I can convince him yet of the wonders of being a knitter =;) At least I have a picture.

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knitting by Steph said...

tell him it's sexy to see a good-looking man knit!!!!