Saturday, August 25, 2007

Will this Heat never end???

Alright, I’ll admit it. I’ve been slacking on my blog. Wanna know why? The answer lies here: . Yes, it’s an evil, evil place. And a whole lot of fun. You should join in the fun! (I’m such an enabler.) If you’re already there, drop me a line! My user name is CountingSheep.

SO here’s what I’m working on. The second sleeve of Arietta is nearing completion, should have it done today. I messed up a bit on my decreases for the sleeve cap last night, was a bit distracted by the scantily clad men in 300 parading their 8-packs around. (On another note, someone at work the other day mentioned they were wearing boots in the movie, and I was like ‘oh boots? I hadn’t noticed.’ Guess my eyes never made it down that far =;) SO last night I looked, and I think they wear their sandals the whole time.)

I’ve also been working on a little sweater called Jane: . I think $55 for a sweater kit is not bad, especially when it has yummy Fleece Artist yarn. I think they should have called this colorway “Berries and Chocolate”, because that is what it looks like to me. I love the little ‘snow’ flecks in the yarn and the fact that it feels so much like handspun. Think this will be a ‘live-in’ sweater this winter.

The Kathy shawl from Alison Hyde’s book “Wrapped in Comfort” is near completion. I just need to get my butt over to my LYS and grab one last ball of the Silky Tweed. I’m so bummed I missed out on Webs having the Silky Wool closeout; I want some of that stuff!!

Just when you thought I was behaving myself, I bought another pattern for this cute little guy named “Farmer Fox”: . I see some toy knitting in the near future. Here’s an interesting toy designer on Etsy called hansigurumi: – I love her octopi!
Hope you all have a great weekend! I’m looking forward to an end to this 95 degree weather in NC, that’s for sure. Oh and a pic of the Lucky Grasshopper found on my house. I know, crickets are supposed to be the lucky ones, but I thought he was cute. Hey, maybe I can knit one.....

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