Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Temporary Distraction.....

In the form of a kid's two front teeth. Now granted, she' s only 3, therefore not due to get her permanent teeth until the age of 7 or age (warning, graphic pic ahead!). Then there was a little accident at her school last week and BOOM! my little sweety almost got them knocked out. She's such a little trooper and is doing really well a week later. Here they are after a visit to the dentist to push them back up and apply a little 'splint' on them:

After all the drama, of course I had to give her this little elephant that was supposed to be for Christmas.....oh well. She likes him for now.
In other knitterly news, I have finished "Kathy's Shawl" from Wrapped in Comfort!!! Well, it's nearly finished, it's blocking on my floor now. I couldn't resist taking a couple of pics, even though it's still super wet:
Still not sure if I will keep it. I'm seeing my very special Aunt Michele wearing this. Hmmm...... Well I do have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this shawl and will certainly make more from Alison's book. The shawl won't budge while wearing it, it's such a great design for staying on the shoulders. I'm just not completely sold that it's for me! But I do love that pink. I'll let you know what the finished size is after it's blocked. I ran out of yarn and just completed one repeat of the border. I think I'm more of a process knitter, because once it's done I have no trouble giving it up!! It that silly?? Well, if you have any fear of shawls, you need to try one of Alison's patterns, all but the very newest of knitters can complete these, with beautiful and amazing results. I'm looking forward to seeing the other shawls that people are making. Have a lovely night.


Alison said...

Wow! That turned out gorgeous! I like yours better than mine, I love the color your used. Well done, congratulations!!

--Alison at

Alison said...

p.s. I knocked out my two front teeth when I was two and a half, and they didn't grow back in till I was eight. Give your little girl a big hug from me.