Thursday, December 27, 2007

Whew! It's all over....

Until next year. I always find myself a little relieved and a little sad after the holiday madness. It wasn’t too crazy for me this year. We had a budget, and we stuck with it! Nice!
I’ve started a new project! (Go figure.) It’s called “Iceland” from the Rowan magazine #42. I like it. I’m using RYC Soft Tweed, which they currently have on clearance over at Webs. This is some NICE stuff, people. Hey, we all need a little chunky knit sometime! Lucky for me, my brother (wonderful man that he is!) gave me a G.C. to Webs, so I had to go back and spend more $. I got Valley yarns Colrain to make the Ruffled Jacket from Vogue Knittings Anniversary issue (#44). (A gorgeous pic of it in that link!!)

Here’s a sweet stuffed fox I knitted up for Sydney. Yes, he looks so cute showing off my Iceland in progress, doesn’t he? You can hardly even notice the fact that I’m covering him because…he has no legs! Sorry, I tried on Christmas eve but couldn’t finish him. If those fingers weren’t so darn fiddly, I’d be done. Lucky for me, Sydney’s too busy with her 50,000 OTHER toys she got for Christmas. I’ll finish his legs up soon! (And yes, I did finish my Biking Cardigan by Deborah Newton, what a fun pattern!)

I'll leave you with a little after holiday poem I wrote this morning, whilst drinking the java that sustains me. Hope you have an excellent weekend, filled with everything you like!!

Its two days after Christmas, and the presents are done.
There are lots of new games to play, there’s still a lot of fun.

The ‘heart attack in a dish’ is all gone now.
I kind of feel like a big bloated cow!

The house is a mess, I can barely get dressed….
Boy was I a bitch on that night I was stressed!

The kiddo is playing with her new kitty cat.
Could care less about new her mittens & hat.

Hey, I waited almost a week before I spent my G.C.,
To Webs, of course, hooray for me!

Still have some knitting to do for a friend….
I’ll knit some for me, then her, it will get done in the end!

I want to drive to Barnes & Noble, need to return that book,
Oh, but the mall is crowded, I think I’ll stay home and cook…..

Maybe some yarn might find its way into my lap,
I might even take a short little nap.

Bring on the cold! Bring on the snow!
Bring that biting winter wind that makes our cheeks glow!

I’ll stay nice and toasty in my cute little home.
Alone, ‘cept my bunny, my kiddo, my little hanging gnome.

I hope you are all grateful for this coming New Year.
I hope it brings you joy, inner peace, and much good cheer!


Alison said...

And a happy New Year!

AmyS said...

What a beautiful sweater! And the fox is cute, too. I love knitting toys.