Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why, yes, I'd love to go buy some yarn....

Hi Blog,

How are you? I’m doing just peachy. Sorry I haven’t been here as of late, a lot of changes are going on right now. Changes like a new babysitter for my daughter, along with a new job, along with a new husband….just kidding about the last part. Things are good. I must have been putting out some good karma, because I’m getting it back!

May is a great month for me. Not only do I have this lovely holiday called Mother’s Day, I also have my birthday on the 28th. I’m going to be 30! I’m so excited about 30. It seems like a new era, a new chapter of my life is about to unfold. I’m noticing the start of little lines and age changes, and it’s good. (We’ll see about 40!)

Not sure yet what we’ll do for Memorial Day / my Birthday. I really, really want to go fishing! I’m a fisherwoman, and I miss it. The hubby had never done it before he met me; I’m trying to bring him around to loving it like I do. Having a 4 year old who likes to throw rocks in the water is still not enough of a deterrent for me!

Back to the knitting, since that’s why you’re here anyway….the Ruffled Jacket is VERY close to completion! I have to sew on the last bit of the back ruffle tonight, and then all I need to do is find the right closure! Yeah! Unfortunately, it’s a bit warm now to wear it, maybe we’ll get a little cold front….isn’t it funny how you wish for things like that as a knitter?? Fashion show coming this weekend, of the Ruffled Jacket AND poor Beryl, she looks so much better since I sewed the buttonband closed. The never-ending baby blanket is coming along slowly, because of all the cables. Here's the dark green strip, there will be two of these, going in opposite directions. I can't WAIT until this one is done.
Sooo…you know where this is going with the Birthday month, right? I bought yarn! Webs is having their Anniversary sale, and I found a couple of great deals. There’s the Ella Rae Silkience, is a lovely dusty purple that I got for the Wakame Tunic in the current IK. Then, there’s Madil Eden, a 100% bamboo yarn that I bought for the Spring Vines Vest, in a chocolate color. I’ve been on such this brown kick lately.
A post isn’t complete without a cute kid or bunny pic, right?? Have a great week, enjoy Spring!


EmDao said...

Hi Elizabeth I would to congratulate you on winning the spring vines vest pattern! Check out the blog! and contact via email or ravelry

Emdao (rav)

Alison said...

What an adorable picture. And the scarf is beautiful.