Saturday, July 12, 2008

It’s a BIRD…it’s a PLANE….it’s a…..BEAR?!?

Yes, a bear. I’ve been dreaming about this little girlie, I guess I just can’t go too long without a cute toy in the making. She’s one of Ysolda’s designs; she and her designs are just too cute. I kind of have a thing for bears. Over the years, I’ve collected quite a few, and in the recent years, they’ve pretty much all been packed away, since there’s no room for them in my shoebox house. Growing up, I always slept with one. I would alternate, so each would ‘get a turn’. Now, I find that I can’t go to sleep without having something in my arms. That something has turned into Pearl, a stuffed octopus, whom you may know from the movie “Finding Nemo”, one of my favorite Pixar movies.
Well, Pearl has gotten pretty ratty from 5+ years of nightly use, and this little bear may be the next runner up. Although I don’t think she’s quite big enough. We’ll see. At any rate, my PB is going to be adorable and I already love her! You may recognize the yarn, my leftovers from the Beryl sweater, Queensland Pima Fresca.

I’m trying to finish up my pattern for the Gothic Gauntlets; it’s very close to being ready for public consumption. This women’s version is being knitted in Louisa Harding Grace Silk & Wool, nice, nice yarn. I’m knitted it on US size 3’s to get a denser fabric.

I really like the way the silk shines and shows off those stitches. The color is gorgeous, a deep copper. I had envisioned these in a deep, shiny red, but once I saw this one, I knew it was right!

Of course they look much better on an actual hand…they just needed to step outside for a breath of fresh air. I expect next week I’ll be asking some kind souls to test-knit these for me.

Last night I went to an auction, here in Asheville. Tommy Tuten & Johnny Penland are some good ‘ol boys who run a great little show! I think some people just go to be entertained; they are quite the comedians, making fun of each other and at times, themselves. They had a ‘real’ Tiffany lamp, which I had never before seen in person. It was beautiful, and sold for over $8000, a deal I’m sure. I walked away with an old piece of Cole pottery, made here in NC, as well as an antique print of a girl with a harp by Richard Smythe. I think I made out pretty well.

Have any of you signed up for the Knitting Olympics?? I did over on Ravelry, I’ve got some REALLY lofty goals: Very Terhi, a pair of wristwarmers with a neat allover cable pattern, AND if that wasn’t enough, Seascape, a gorgeous sweater with dropped stitches and cables, which I don’t even have yarn for. I’m nuts, but that’s OK. As long as I finish my gauntlet pattern by then, which gives me nearly a month.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer! Me personally, I’m biding my time until the cooler weather comes back again.

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