Friday, July 18, 2008

Bitten by the Bug

Alright. I'm not usually into fads and whatnot, BUT then I saw this sweater: February Lady Sweater. If you're a knitter and a lady, you've probably seen it already. Remember how I swore off wool for the summer?? (At least I THOUGHT I did.) All I could think about was this sweater, with it beautiful garter yoke and this squishy hand dyed merino I'd been saving for a special project. Add that to a major case of startitis lately, and here you go.
I'm loving it so far. Nothing like garter for some movie watching knitting. I'm doing four buttons and I'm just about to the armpits, ready to switch to the lace. Had to stop since I'm waiting for the rest of my yarn to show up. (Had more dyed for me since I didn't have enough!) Don't wanna wait!

So what's a girl to do?? Start another project! Nevermind all those hiding in the corner waiting to be finished. We'll just ignore those for now. This yarn may look familiar. It's Cotanani by Mirasol, originally intended for the Dayflower Camisole. Now it's hoping to become the Kaftan Dress, only I'm going to shorten it into a better tunic length.
Back to the camisole. I kept hearing Stephanie Pearl-McKee laughing at me in the background, and remembering one of her stories in Knitting Rules. You may remember it, I think the heading was "Denial Ain't Just a River in Egypt". Yes, I screwed up. Big time.

Got gauge for my swatch like a good girl. Cast on and started the Dayflower Lace at the bottom. It seemed all first. The longer I knit, I started thinking, 'hmmm, this DOES seem a bit BIG'. Ignore, keep going. Hours and days later. Think, 'this is too big'. Ignore, keep going. Finally, reason crept in and I thought, 'I really should just take this thing off the needles to see how big it is'. Yeah, it was pretty close (insert sarcastic remark here). Do you like how I'm wearing it like some sort of 'World's Worst Knitter' ribbon?? I know you're laughing. That's OK, I'm sure I will too....someday.

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