Thursday, April 05, 2007

We're Bloggin'....I Wanna Blog it with You!!

I know I am so cheesy. This hat is so 'yah mon' I couldn't resist. (For those of you who are saying 'huh?', I am refering to the song Jammin' by Bob Marley. If you don't know who Bob Marley is....well that's OK.) A really fun quick knitted hat, pattern test knitted for Miss Kathy over at my Knit Talk yahoo group. I hope she thinks I did a nice job! The pattern was printed in a word document, so it was a nice surprise for me to see this is actually a 'tam' or beret type hat, depending on how you wear it. I had been wanting one, so here it is! The yarn is 100% merino, handspun by, aren't the spring colors just great?? She's a really sweet lady who also makes super cute monster knitting needles. Thanks Kathy for a fun pattern!

I've also included a little swatch I made of the new 'Cotlin' yarn from KnitPicks. I am pretty happy with it so far, being relatively new to knitting and testing different yarns, I don't know that I am really qualified to give any advice.....*however*, I will give you my thoughts thus far. I has a nice, soft feel, you do have to pay attention while knitting with it, or you might drop a couple plies, there was virtually no difference in gauge or appearance after I hand washed/dryed it. There are little bits of plant material, which are pretty easy to pull out. I think it's a really nice yarn for the price. I'll post an update after my garment is done and has gotten some use. I'm knitting the asymmetrical tank from Norah Gaughan's Knitting Nature.

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