Monday, June 16, 2008


And a good time was had by all….
Saturday, Sydney and I went Knitting In Public! We joined the legions of others across the world who decided to take their love of knitting out of doors on June 14th. Our gathering was small, in a sweet little park in North Asheville, NC. Sydney found a friend in a six-year-old girl named Charlotte and got soaking wet when we all got rained on, which helped with the heat for sure! I met some nice people that I hope to see again.
I brought my Everlasting Bagstopper, and finished it last night! This was a quick one for me, only took me two days of knitting, though I did have two movies worth of knitting time last night. I totally copied off of Jennifer, and had to run out and get the Araucania Ulmo with the gorgeous colors, just look how pretty the pooling is! This to me is a good example of pooling. I used only one skein, stopped an inch short of the 10 ½” the pattern called for, and had just enough yarn. Since I got two skeins, now I can make another! (The first bag is in the lighter colorway, #707.)

Made some zippy little vintage elephant fabric handles for my bag this morning, and off to the park we went! Oh, I’m such a convert now, I see lots of these in my future…too fun!!

Of course yesterday was Father's Day, here's a shot of my cute little family. Aren't they sweet? Sydney and I found this great Lego game at a yard sale on Saturday morning, and her and her daddy have been playing that a lot.

Have a great week everyone, stay cool out there.


Jennifer Saylor said...

Your bag is perfect and your family is ADORABLE. You may convert me to a ribbon strap yet... I really like how yours looks.

I can't believe your yarn pooled in the same way! I love the effect!

I am so glad we have discovered Araucania string bags -- a very happy new addiction. :0)

BTW I raided Ravelry for string bag patterns last night -- will send you an email.

Jennifer Saylor said...

PS, do you know a good photographer? I wonder if we should not enter the Knitty calendar contest with our bags...

Alison said...

Oh beautiful! On all counts!