Friday, October 03, 2008

Autumn Shivers....

Hmm, that kinda sounds like the name of a sweater! Well, I'm still here. I've actually been knitting a LOT, and I'm very close to finishing both the February Lady Sweater and the Twist & Shout sweater from Fall Knitty. Both have been tremendous fun and I would highly recommend either pattern. Looking forward to finishing and doing my photo shoot!

I'm also close to finishing the knitting part of my latest pattern, which I will call 'Green Man Beret', for the obvious reasons. There is a great bar/restaurant here in Asheville, called 'Jack of the Wood' - the green man seems ever present here in the mountains.
Jack of the Wood one of those places where you always make a new friend. The music is great, mainly bluegrass, but it's just people who wander in and just start playing together. The last time I was there they had 3 different fiddlers! Too fun. It just makes you want to get up and dance.

In spite of all that, I couldn't resist pulling this yarn out of the stash and casting on for a 'I don't know what it is yet'(see photo at top). I'm playing around with some lace patterns from my vintage Vogue book, thinking perhaps a vest?? The yarn I purchased nearly a year ago from a wonderful company in TX, called the Plain & Fancy Sheep & Wool Co. I wish they would get a website, they have some amazingly soft yarn in equally amazing colors. I was able to get it as SAFF, which is a wonderful fiber fair that is coming to Asheville this month.

I'm loving fall. The nights are so chilly here, there's nothing better than bundling up in the morning in my fluffy robe with a cup of coffee and standing on my front porch as the steam rises off. My 6th wedding anniversary is coming too, on October 20th. I'm going to do the Koolhaas Hat for the hubby this year, the 3rd year in a new traditional of anniversary hats!

Here's our fall window display at Purl's, Lindsey got this great idea to knit a bunch of leaves and string them up in the windows, I think it looks great!

My 4 year old, Sydney, has actually started school. It's a very strange and wonderful thing, and she seems to be thriving! I'm quite happy about it and the house is very quiet when I'm home and she's not there. The good news is that hopefully with the bit of extra time I can design more! I have some great ideas up there in the noggin.....

If you need a smile today, check this out: Free Hugs for Obama. It was filmed here in Asheville, NC, I love it!


Lorajean said...

I love the knitted leaves. She should write up the pattern. I have the yarn dyed up for the sweater idea if you want me to mail those to you. I would love an idea of how much yarn to buy, my source has been lame as far as having stock. Maybe pre-selling is going to be the best option so I'm not stuck with excess. This comment is now turning into an email! I love the first sweater picture. What is that? The yarn is beautiful too.

Elizabeth said...

Hey! Good to hear from you. The leaves are from a Nicky Epstein book, and the yarn I'm using for Twist & Shout is Waterlily from Classic Elite.

I'll write you a ravmail about our project....looking forward to having more details on that soon.