Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chocolate Covered Pear aka The February Lady Sweater

Hi! Yes, I know, all these sweaters lately. Well, I suppose that's one good thing about being a non-monogamous knitter, is all these projects get DONE, eventually. I started this one a while ago, after Flint Knits so kindly posted her 'grown-ass woman' version of the beloved February Baby Sweater by knitting icon Elizabeth Zimmerman. I hopped, jumped, leap-frogged right onto that bandwagon with this amazing hand-dyed merino wool I'd had in the stash for a little while, just waiting for the right pattern. This was it, baby.

For anyone contemplating this sweater, I think it's possibly my favorite thing I've knitted yet. I....Love....It. After a false start, (yes you really DO need those stitch markers to tell you where the increases go at the top), it was pretty smooth sailing. I also think I'm in love with top down sweaters. A note about making it, go for smaller than you would normally, since this will grow on you when you block it. Mine grew a LOT. About 3" in length. Luckily, I had made it a wee bit too short, and I was thrilled when it grew all on its own.

Once you hit the lace bit, all zombie knitting from there. Really, you just need to remember two rows, the WS rows are all purl. If you're wondering where I purchased this lovely yarn, visit Knitted Wit. She's wonderful, I'm looking forward to a future sweater colloboration with her amazing dying talent!

I highly recommend you go out & buy some yarn and make this sweater!


Lorajean said...

Wow, this looks amazing! i want to dye some for a sweater for me!! The greens all look amazing. Did you rotate rows with the different skeins?

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I sure did alternate, every two rows. The original green was a bit darker than the new, happy pear green. The garter stitch borders are all in the pear green, since I had more of that color. I couldn't be more pleased!!

Laura said...

I saw you as you were leaving SAFF (I think) and complemented you on your sweater (I was the one with the baby bunny). And then found out that you work at Purls, one of the shops that may be carrying Unique Sheep yarn soon. Yay!

Sue said...

Beautiful sweater! And I love the beret, too. All your sweaters are wonderful and I enjoyed reading your blog.

Elizabeth said...

Hey Laura,
I hope we do carry your gorgeous yarns, how exciting!!

Thanks Sue, I appreciate that!