Sunday, October 12, 2008


This sweater is worthy of its own post, if a bit overdue. Seascape by Fiber Fiend was my sweater project for the Ravelympics, which started while I was still up in Philly. Considering my first sweater (the good ol' Sienna Cardi) which was finished over the course of 6 months in February of 2007, I think creating this one in a bit over 3 weeks is pretty darn amazing.

So, what was it like?? Well, first of all, you've got to love Malabrigo merino wool yarn. I don't care how allergic people claim to be of wool, if they touch this stuff, they'll be cured. Putting on this finished sweater is like giving yourself a big hug, incredibly buttery soft. Most of you know how lovely it is, if not, go get some!! I'd also love to try their Silky Merino someday....

The actual knitting part was fun, fun, fun! The sleeves are stockinette in the round, but they have this traveling cable that curls all the way around the arm, which kept it fun. The body proved a bit more challenging. A lot of my frustration came from my Denise needles, which weren't the best for the large amount of yo's I needed to put on to achieve the dropped sts. I would recommend a more slippery needle choice, of course it also depends on your yarn.

There is waist shaping, then you create this huge, open sort of 'looking glass' piece in the back, flanked by more cables. The front cable is easy and basic, you just need to pay more attention when working the back pattern. Parts of the pattern are intuitive, but there were definitely times when I just had to trust the designer.

For me, the most difficulty came after I joined the yoke, and I just had to really think about what I was trying to achieve. There wasn't anything I couldn't figure out, just a couple of 'huh??' moments. Then it all came back together and I had this gorgeous sweater there!! The saddle shoulder was an interesting technique, I just love the way it looks. I went with a bit of negative ease, and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, the fitted shape is very flattering.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to an adventurous knitter, looking for something different. I don't think you'll see too many of these around! I also think it's a nice pattern for showcasing those variegated yarns that many of us have. Way to go Margit! Thanks for a great pattern!!

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Jennifer Saylor said...

Wow. Absolutely gorgeous.